Tuesday, 25 September 2012

South Australia Day 62 Farina Ruins

Well - it's done - completed the Birdsville Track and we both thoroughly enjoyed the last 2 days.

This is how lots of the road looked today...

The amount of flowers surprised us..

Of particular interest was the Cooper Creek crossing as we saw it last year in full flood.

We stood in this same spot last year and all you could see was water with the trees sticking out..

Had morning tea at the Cooper campground and parked under the same tree as we camped the first time we came up the Track some years ago...

The flushing toilets were still there & working..saw a photo last year of them under water.

This magpie was hanging around for a drink..

Near the Cooper is the original barge that was used in the ealy days to get goods across in flood times. Both of us wanted to go for a ride!
During the day had a look at some old ruins - one of the old stores on the Track and had lunch at Lake Harry date plantation.

Also passed over the dog fence which runs for 1000,s of Kms...

The Lutheran Chuch ran the Bethesda Mission along the Track from 1867 & this cross has been erected to honour their mission work..

After Maree Faye found another friend..

Tonight we are at Farina Ruins - a lovely campground..

These friends came around the van just a while ago..
We have had no mobile relation for 2 nights now but the last 2 blogs will be sent tomorrow morning sometime. We don't know where we will be tomorrow night - somewhere in the Flinders.

On current plans we should arrive home next Sunday.

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